My Mission

Every problem has a solution, and that solution is called Coffee! Only a true Coffee lover could get it.

So, it was a usual lazy Sunday morning and I was still on my bed when the clock struck at 10 am. Sundays are meant to be like that, and I strictly follow this routine. This is Christen here, and I am a 25-years old, clueless about my career and wasting the most of my time on Coffee and Sleeping. I am still the best at both.

My phone rang, and it was John on the line. He asked me something about Coffee blogging, and I was only partially awake. I asked him out for coffee for discussing the blogging thing out. He readily agreed, and we met around 5 pm.

That’s how Emmaus was born. And we are so proud of how well it has grown into.


John Robertson: CEO-Founder of thisisemmaus, Loves Blogging & Biking, Movie Lover.

Christen Pounds: Co-Founder, Coffee-Addict, Sleepy Head but an Avid Reader.

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