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Are you confused on how to use the Coffee Pods that you got at home? The solution is simple!

You could compare the Coffee Pods with the Keurig K-cup pods, they both work in the same manner, but with a difference. The Keurig pods are meant for the Keurig Machines only, whereas the Coffee Pods can be used in different ways.

Use of Coffee Pods

Easy & Quick Ways to Use Coffee Pods

There is a Coffee Pod Machine which works dedicatedly for the coffee pods, so you can get a Coffee Pod Machine or even use the pods without the machine also. We will learn both the methods here.

Coffee Pods on a Coffee Pod Machine

Steps for using Coffee Pods on a Basic Pod Machine goes like:

  1. First, fill the water tank or the basin till the max line provided on it.
  2. Tear open the coffee pod through the perforated side of the packet, without damaging the content inside.
  3. Now place the pod content on the pod holder section of the Coffee Machine. It will slide into the slot, and once this is done – then close the lid of the pod holder.
  4. Time to do all the settings for the kind of brewing you want. Normal, Medium or Strong brewing. Choose the option as per the need.
  5. Start the processing, or press the Ready option.

That’s how you do it with the help of a Pod Machine, but even if you don’t have one you can still make the Coffee by another method!

Coffee Pod use without the Machine

When we do a Capsule vs Automatic Coffee machine comparison, you will understand that both the methods are good in their own way. Getting on with the Coffee Pod use without a machine:

  1. Place the coffee pod inside the coffee mug. Read the instructions on the pod packet, and set the pods in the right way.
  2. Now, pour the hot boiling water inside the mug, and stop it till you are left with half an inch or an inch from the top of the mug. Be careful while you carry out this step.
  3. Let the pod steep into the water and brewing really well. If you find the pod floating on the top of the water, then stir the coffee using a spoon and gently take out the coffee pod.
  4. Your Coffee is ready to enjoy!

Which one is your go-to method from the two? Answer them in the comment section below.

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